Quality Engineering

Our Quality Engineers are top notch at providing engineering team with quality.

Our Software Quality Engineers are top notch at providing your engineering team with the best quality process with expertise in industry standard technology and frameworks that are easily integrated into your Software Development Lifecycle.

Ruth Tech provides training to help you improve your skills with the latest technologies and framework; when and how to implement these tools to your company’s infrastructure, which will allow your team to test and ship high-quality features/product.

Who can apply?

We train quality engineers of levels, from Lead Quality Engineers – who are looking to redefine their environment and structure, QA Managers – who are looking to understand the best way to approach testing for the team and industry best strategy that would allow their team be efficient as they scale, Junior QE’s, Manual testers and also persons interested in making a career change to the tech industry.


  • Setting up your environment
  • Introduction to programming
  • Object Orientation Programming (Java/Ruby/C#)
  • Introduction to Git and version control
    • Linux/UNIX commands.
  • Database programming.
  • Introduction to Manual testing
    • Test cases and documenting
    • Bugs reproduction
  • Exploratory testing.
  • Automation testing
    • Introduction to selenium
    • Integrating Java/Ruby/C# selenium
    • Automation framework (Discussion w/types)
    • Testing with Java/Ruby/C#-Selenium
    • Test automation in the cloud(Browserstack)
  •       Running tests in Parallel
  • Introduction to BDD – Cucumber
  • Mobile Testing
    • Introduction to mobile app testing.
    • Introduction to Appium.
  • Docker selenium
    • Docker Selenium
    • Zalenium – Grid solution
  • Kubernetes
    • Setting up the Kubernetes Cluster
    • Running Tests
  • CI/CD
    • Jenkins – Local set up
    • Run tests
  • Interview preparation